Freedom of Information Request

Sunday Parking Enforcement - Ravenscroft Avenue NW11

Received: 2 March 2020

I was served with a parking enforcement notice yesterday on Ravenscroft Avenue NW11. I saw that the parking bays were restricted until 6.30pm but I was confused as I have always been under the impression that parking on single yellow lines during Sunday hours is permitted. There is no signage to indicate that this is any different where there are parking bay restrictions ' I expect a lot of people fall foul of this unwittingly and unfairly.

As I was visiting a doctor for approx. 15 minutes for purposes of a very quick treatment it seems rather unsensitive, unfair and disproportionate! In fact it almost felt as though I were being watched ' the enforcement penalty was given so quickly and stealthily. Can I please ask therefore for a breakdown of Sunday enforcement figures across the borough and specifically enforcement figures for the same offence or contravention as me namely '01 Parking in a restricted street during prescribed hours'. If you could provide the highest level of detail for Ravenscroft Avenue NW11 in particular that would be appreciated. Please could you tell me specifically how much income is received from this specific offence in Barnet p/annum.

In relation to my excerpt above can you also please explain to me the council's (and Barnet is my council) approach to ensuring that enforcement is sensitive, fair and proportionate and the basis on which this is justified in my case? This was an offence at 17.32 on a quiet street in a quiet hour.

Please could you tell me how many offences (per year) are defended on the basis that signage or markings in Barnet were incorrect, missing or not in accordance with the TRO and please can you tell me why the signage or marking in my case was sufficient.

The exercise of discretion 7.14 The Secretary of State considers that the exercise of discretion should, in the main, rest with back office staff as part of considering challenges against penalty charges and representations that are made to the local authority. This is to protect civil enforcement officers from allegations of inconsistency, favouritism or suspicion of bribery. It also gives greater consistency in the enforcement of traffic regulations. 7.15 However, the enforcement authority may wish to set out certain situations when a penalty charge should not be issued. For example, an enforcement authority may wish to consider issuing a verbal warning rather than a penalty 17 charge to a driver who has committed a minor contravention and is still with, or returns to, the vehicle before a penalty charge notice has been served. The enforcement authority should have clear policies, instructions and training available on how to exercise such authority. These policies should form the basis for staff training and should be published. 7.16 Enforcement authorities should ensure that civil enforcement officers are properly trained to enforce parking controls fairly, accurately and consistently. As well as formal training, it is recommended that authorities include some supervised on-street training to amiliarize civil enforcement officers with the area and any special parking provisions. Enforcement authorities should make sure that all relevant exemptions are understood, such as those applying to diplomatic vehicles and the Blue Badges issued to disabled people. Civil enforcement officers should be aware of their powers to inspect and retain Blue Badges24 and the sensitivity required should they need to exercise them.

Please can you provide me figures for how may times per annum this discretion is exercised and whether referring specifically to the words in bold above why this was not thought of in my case or at least why this is not applied in cases such as mine?

Outcome / Documents

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