Freedom of Information Request

Consultee Comments on Barnet Planning 19/6256/RMA

Received: 26 March 2020

FoI request regarding Consultee Comments on Barnet Planning application 19/6256/RMA


I had assumed that Barnet Planning functions had closed down during the current emergency.

I now discover that you apparently intend to hold a Planning Committee in late April.

It is impossible to contact Barnet Planning, and I do not want to try through channels that are dealing with far more urgent matters.

That being so, I need to submit the following query:


This request relates to Barnet planning application
(more correctly, it is a 'Reserved Matters application').

The application is about a possible 'Brent Cross West' railway station.

I believe you can see the 84 councillors and organisations who were consulted by Barnet Planning listed on this web page:

Of those 84, two have apparently responded.

However, the web site does NOT indicate who they were or what they said.

Following expert advice, I have established that those responses are within the scope of the FoI Act 2000.

Please be kind enough to supply those two 'consultee' responses, including who they are from and when the responses were received.

Let me stress that this FoI request is entirely separate from two responses from members of the public, which are visible on the web site.

It is co-incidence that both involve the number two!

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (some exempt) - application/pdf - Download

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