Freedom of Information Request

LED streetlight features and specifications

Received: 25 June 2020

I am submitting a request for information relating to the new LED streetlights and lamposts. I require the following information:

1. Manufacturers
2. Model Numbers
3. Features and speciications
4. Do they have any sensors? If so, what are they?
5. Are they fitted with microphones? If not, will they be?
6. Are they fitted wit cameras? If not, will they be?
7. Are they WiFi enabled?
8. Do they communicate or send data to/from cell towers?
9. Is the data collection Lawful?
10. If WiFi enabled, what precautions have been taken to protect the public from documented adverse effects?
11. In addition to lighting, what other functions can/will be added to the lights/posts in the present time or future?
12. Please provide a full list of installers.

Outcome / Documents

  • comf7392709-pss-global - application/pdf - Download
  • Response (all information to be supplied) - application/pdf - Download

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