Freedom of Information Request

Freedom of Information Request- Friern Barnet Lane and Friern Barnet Road.

Received: 7 January 2021

This request is made under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act and Environmental Information Regulations and is submitted on behalf of Friern Barnet & Whetstone Residents' Association.

The request relates to proposals to alleviate congestion in Friern barnet Lane N20 and Friern Barnet Road N11.

1. What proposals are under consideration or are programmed for implementation -

A. to alleviate congestion along the stretch of Friern Barnet Lane N20 between the junction with Myddelton Park and the High Road, in particular the congestion caused because the road is too narrow to accommodate two lanes of traffic ( especially buses and trucks) travelling in opposite directions and also vehicles parked on both sides of the road; and

B. to alleviate congestion in an eastbound direction along Friern Barnet Road N11 between the junction with Friern Barnet Lane/Colney Hatch Lane and the roundabout/junction at Betstyle Circus ,

a. generally and

b. to remove the 'choke point' between the junction with Station Road and Betstyle Circus which arises because vehicles parked along the kerbside of the eastbound lane reduce the available width of the eastbound carriageway to less than a single lane, with the consequence that vehicles ( particularly buses and trucks)moving east are forced to cross the crown of the road into the westbound traffic stream- a manoeuvre which cannot be carried out when the westbound carriageway is occupied by westbound vehicles, with the result that the eastbound traffic stream is halted and congestion builds up, commonly right back to the junction with Friern Barnet Lane/Colney Hatch Lane or even beyond, affecting Woodhouse Road

In connection with the above (B) we refer you to a Capita Report ' Phase 2 Barnet Junction Assessments Improvement Options ' November 2016 prepared for the Council. The report looks at several junctions which are projected to have increased delays due to the growth of the borough and/or already experience significant delay. The report recommended a review of the A1003 Friern Barnet Road/Station Road traffic light controlled junction and the adjacent Oakleigh Road South/ Friern Barnet Road/ Bowes Road roundabout (Betstyle Circus) , as the queue of traffic back from here has an effect on the operation of the Woodhouse Road/Friern Barnet Road/ Colney Hatch Lane junction during the PM peak period.

2. Please provide a copy of the final version of the Minutes of a meeting held on 2 September 2019 between Council officers and Councillors representing Woodhouse and Coppetts Wards, which was attended by Councillors Hutton, Cooke and Rawlings. Officers from Barnet, including Mario Lecordier, Interim Strategic Lead Commissioner- Highways Environment Commissioning Group, Re and Sustrans also attended.

Outcome / Documents

  • Minutes from post conultation Cllr QHNF Barnet Councillor Meeting Minutes 20190902 v01_Redacted - application/pdf - Download
  • Response (all information to be supplied) - application/pdf - Download