Freedom of Information Request

LED Lighting

Received: 15 January 2021

Please provide the following information in response to my following questions:

1. When were the existing street lighting columns installed in N11 area?

2. How was the position of each column determined?

3. Are the street lights intended for the benefit of pedestrians or drivers?

4. What research and due diligence did Barnet Council undertake regarding the welfare of people with disabilities who might be adversely affected by LED lights?

5. Was any consideration given to the affect that bright lights have on the majority of people with autism and others who suffer with severe light sensitivity?

6. When did Barnet Council start replacing the sodium bulbs with LED bulbs in the borough?

7. Since that date, how many complaints about the LED lighting has Barnet Council and/or Bouygues received from residents and/or other parties:
(i) expressing dissatisfaction with the quality of lighting - for any reason?
(ii) expressing dissatisfaction that the LEDs provide poorer lighting conditions than the sodium?
(ii) expressing dissatisfaction that the lights are too bright?
(iii) that the LEDs are floodlighting their property/garden?

8. How many residents have advised that they are being disturbed by unnatural birdsong after sunset and before sunrise?

9. How many columns have been fitted with shields in response to complaints?

10. How many temporary shields have been fitted?

11. What is the cost of one temporary shield?

12. How many permanent shields have been fitted?

13. What is the cost of one permanent shield?

14. How many complaints have been received that the shields are not sufficient to ameliorate the problems?

15. What was the total cost of replacing the sodium lights in the borough?

16. What was the total cost claimed by Bouygues engineers to fit the LED bulbs?

17. Please provide a copy of the IEC/EN62471 Photobiological Risk Assessment report for the LED luminaires installed in N11.

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (all information to be supplied) - application/pdf - Download