Freedom of Information Request


Received: 17 February 2021

Request amended on 23/02/2021 to

I would like to make an FOI request for the following information.

I would like to uncover more information relating to the following grant programmes:
* Disabled Facilities Grant
* SEN (Special Education Needs and disabilities)
* Test & Trace Support Payment
* Community Led Local Development (CCLD)
* Affordable Homes
* Independent Living Fund
* Troubled Families
* Revenue Support Grants
For each grant programme, could you please can you confirm the following -
(a) the total amount awarded (in £)
(b) total number of applications
(c) total number of applications granted

For each of the grants I would like the data for the last 3 years (if possible) or at the very least for the last 12 months. I'm aware some grants are newer than others. Worth noting, if providing data for the last 3 years would put this over the time/financial thresholds permitted by the FOIA, please just provide the data for the last 12 months.

If the FOI request is beyond the time/financial scope permitted by the FOIA, please narrow the scope by reducing the total number of grant programmes. They are listed in order of priority with the top 4 being the most important.

Could I also please get a reference number with this request?

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (all information to be supplied) - application/pdf - Download