Freedom of Information Request

Council offices

Received: 22 February 2021

Please could you answer as many of the following questions as possible.
1. Could you provide the following environmental information on the council's civic office and administrative buildings, as well as identifying if this information is based on actual or estimated data.
2020 2019 2018. 2017. 2016
Environment Indicators
* Electricity (MWh)
of which renewable electricity
* Heating natural gas (MWh)
* Water consumption (m3)
* Business travel (km)

Total all activities (tCO2e)
Total per FTE

Carbon offsetting commitment (tCO2e)
Net carbon commission (tCO2e)

2. How much of the energy the council purchases come from renewable sources ?
3. Please could you also provide the split in percentage terms between renewable and non-renewable energy to Question 2 ?
4. Does the council have an energy-efficient LED system, controlled by automatic presence detectors and perimeter dimming to take account of daylight levels ?
5. Does the council have Photovoltaic panels on rooftops to supplement the supply of purchased electricity ?
6. If yes, how much energy does the council generate in this way ?
7. Does the council have a complete greywater system, whereby non-contaminated waste water is harvested from plant machinery, hand basins and rainfall ? Therefore, allowing to reduce consumption of mains water.
8. Does the council have recycling awareness campaigns across its main office locations ?
9. Does the council have facilities to separate out paper, glass and plastics used in its offices for recycling ?
10. Are non-recyclable materials from council office locations sent to a special processing plant, where they are used to generate heat and power, reducing waste that is sent to landfills.
11. In internal cafeterias, does the council refrain from providing single use items and provide employees with reusable crockery and cutlery ?
12. Does the council offer a discount to customers with reusable coffee cups in their cafeterias ?
13. Does the council send food waste to an anaerobic digestion plant where it can be used to produce electricity as well as organic fertiliser ?
14. How much has the council invested in video conferencing across its offices.
15. The number of video conferences held in a typical month ?
16. To help cut paper consumption, has the council replaced any ageing office printers across its locations with new Eco-friendly photocopiers ?
17. Do employees engage in an active 'Sustainability Network' of volunteers that, among other activities, decides which project to support as part of a carbon offsetting program ? This can include investments in renewable energy, community infrastructure, and conservation and reforestation initiatives.
18. Please could you provide information on any new environmental initiatives you have introduced.

Outcome / Documents

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