Freedom of Information Request

Yellow Line Traffic Restriction - Raleigh Close London NW4

Received: 3 March 2021

Please treat this email as a formal request for information under the Freedom of Information Act

Please provide the following information in respect of Yellow Line Parking Restrictions at Raleigh Close London NW4

1. Copies of all printed or electronically held policies and procedures in respect of parking restrictions
2. Copies of all traffic orders
3. Copies of all applicable local byelaws
4. Copies of the Policy that requires the parking restriction
5. Copies of the reasoned justification for the parking restriction
6. Evidence of the reason why the parking restriction is required
7. All and any documents that support the need to implement a yellow line parking restriction within this location

In short, we are seeking to understand why the yellow line restriction was originally imposed and the basis upon which the local authority can justify their refusal to countenance the placement of a builders skip upon a yellow line restriction that applies for 1 hour per day in a location with no through traffic

It is clear that the reason behind the imposition of the 1 hour per day parking restriction is to deter commuters from parking in this location, there are no through traffic or safety related concerns - on that the refusal to consider allowing the placement of a skip on the public highway outside our clients home is completely unreasonable

Please provide the information in line with the timing set out under the Freedom of Information Act

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (all information to be supplied) - application/pdf - Download