Freedom of Information Request

Children's Social Workers

Received: 4 March 2021

1. Do you sponsor social work students? If so, how many each year and subject to what conditions?
2. How many newly qualified SWs have you employed in the last 12 months broken down by sponsored and other newly qualified?
3. What are the retention and promotion rates for both of these categories of social workers going back as far as you can?
4. Please provide any social worker recruitment and retention strategy/policy document that you have. This includes any local memorandum between regional employers.
5. Have you recruited on a strategic basis internationally-trained social workers over the last three years? If so, broken down by year how many and from which countries? Again broken down by year, what is the retention rate?
6. Please provide details of the relocation package made available to internationally-trained SWs. Please be specific of obligations to repay if leaving employment prematurely? Broken down by year of those who have left what proportion have repaid or failed to repay relocation that was repayable?
Please also provide details of the pastoral and professional induction programs made available to internationally-trained SWs.
7.Which Officer de facto takes lead responsibility for recruitment and retention of child protection Social Workers?
8. Is recruitment from outside of the UK on your LA's agenda? If so, what numbers and source countries do you have in mind? How and where do you publicise such initiatives?
9. Please provide your most recently recorded data concerning the use of agency children's social workers?
10. How much does it costs to support a trainee social worker through a social work Degree? If you have recruited internationally on a strategic level what has this cost? Please include separately items such as relocation, agency fees if applicable, support to bring family members to the UK?

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (all information to be supplied) - application/pdf - Download