Freedom of Information Request

Microsoft products held by your authority.

Received: 4 May 2021

Dear FOI Team

1) Under the Freedom of Information Act I am requesting details of Microsoft products held by your authority. I am primarily interested in Microsoft 365, Microsoft Dynamics and app development platforms.

To include (product name and number of user licenses held for each year below) of all licenses of Microsoft products held by your authority for the years below and the total cost annual license fee where the procurement value exceeds £25,000 over the expected lifetime of the contract, for clarity this cost includes migration from other systems, development, data cleansing, support and training.


2) Does or has your authority used the services of the Microsoft Services Adoption and Change Management (ACM) team or a similar Microsoft development programme.

3) If answer to 2 is yes then the following.

a) The details of the procurement method where subject to OJEU (prior to January 31 2021), if not subject to OJUE the total contract value.
b) Did your authority receive from Microsoft any grant (either in kind or financial), benefit or other inducement to use their products.
c) Where any financial benefit was received to move to their products and or develop further microsoft product use, to include all emails to and from Microsoft team relating to that transaction and the procurement procedure used.
d) Where your authority did not follow your standing orders on the procurement of these products then please also include any reports that waives this requirement.

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (all information to be supplied) - application/pdf - Download