Freedom of Information Request

Restrictive Covenant for Fenella, The Burroughs, Hendon.

Received: 25 May 2021

I am asking if the Restrictive Covenant on the building and associate land as known as Fenella at the Burroughs and Babington Road, Hendon NW4 is still active and in place on this property.

Title number AGL447891
C: Charges Register continued 2 (03.07.2018) A Conveyance of the freehold estate in the land tinted pink on the title plan and other land dated 26 November 1909 made between (1) Sir Henry Arthur White C.V.O. and William Butler Wasbrough (Vendors) and (2) Edward Gethryn Barber, Harry Hind and William Robert Rider contains covenants identical with those contained in the Conveyance of the land tinted blue on the title plan dated 26 November 1909 referred to above. Schedule of restrictive covenants 1 (03.07.2018) The following are details of the covenants contained in the Conveyance dated 26 November 1909 referred to in the Charges Register:"And the Purchasers do hereby for themselves and their heirs executors and assigns and each of them doth for himself and his heirs executors and assigns separately to the intent and so that the covenants hereinafter contained shall be binding on the said hereditaments hereby assured into whosesoever hands the same may come but not so as to render the Purchasers personally liable in damages for any breach thereof after they shall have parted with all interest in the premises covenant with the Vendors that the Purchasers their respective heirs executors and assigns will at all times hereafter observe and perform the restrictions and stipulations in relation to the said hereditaments hereby assured which are contained in the said First Schedule hereto. The First Schedule above referred to 1. No buildings shall be erected on the said hereditaments hereby assured other than private dwellinghouses of the prime net cost in labour and materials of not less than Three hundred and fifty pounds. 2. No temporary buildings of any kind shall at any time be erected on the said hereditaments hereby assured other than sheds and workshops to be used only for works incident to the erection of permanent buildings thereon. 3. No hoarding shall be erected on the said hereditaments hereby assured for advertisements not relating to the selling or letting of the same or any house erected thereon. 4. Nothing shall be set up or done by the Purchasers their heirs or assigns on the said hereditaments hereby assured or in any building thereon which may be or grow to be a nuisance damage or annoyance to the Vendors or their heirs or assigns or which may tend to depreciate or lessen the value of the Vendors Estate or any part thereof as a residential property nor shall any manufacture be carried on on the said hereditaments hereby assured or any erections thereon. 5. No sand or gravel shall be excavated or dug out except for the purpose of laying the foundations of houses or outbuildings to be erected or for use in erecting such building."

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