Freedom of Information Request

Hendon Hub Full Outline Business Case

Received: 18 June 2021

It has come to my attention that the Hendon Hub' Full Business Case' is scheduled to be presented to the P&RC Committee on 20th July 2021. As Barnet has not yet published the Agenda for this meeting, it is not yet clear whether Barnet Officers intend to invoke Schedule 12A of LGA to ensure that this item remains exempt and away from public scrutiny.

On the assumption that some, or all, of the Hendon Hub Full Outline Business Case, is claimed as Schedule 12A exempt, I am pre-empting this decision by making an EIR Request to obtain:

'Any information related to the Hendon Hub Business Case, or any other aspect of the proposed Hendon Hub development, issued to Barnet Councillors, where some form of public access exemption is claimed, e.g. Schedule 12A of LGA'

This information request is intended to allow Barnet residents to have access to the same information provided to a Barnet Councillor (regardless of which committee they sit or what role they hold). The scope of this request is, therefore, for:

* Finalised (non-draft) information that relates to the proposed Hendon Hub 'Final Business Case'.
* Information that is not now, or will not in the next four weeks, already be published in the public domain (i.e. information that Barnet still claims to be exempt).

Note: My assumption is that Barnet will not attempt to issue a draft 'Full Business Case' with the specific intention of attempting to by-pass this information request. However, if some form of 'draft' is submitted to the P&RC then the wording of this request is amended to reflect any form of Business Case information issued to the P&RC. In the context that applies here, any document issued to a Councillor is considered sufficiently final as not to be draft. If anyone is wondering why I am being so specific, it is because Barnet Officers initially claimed that the 'Outline Business Case' was not finalised and was therefore exempt. This claim by Barnet is legal BS.

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (not held) - application/pdf - Download