Freedom of Information Request

Children taken into Care

Received: 25 June 2021

In relation to the first 20 cases of children that were taken into care (either interim or full) by your authority in the 2021 calendar year please provide me with the following information in connection with each of these cases.
1. The sex of the child?
2. The age of the child?
3. If any of the following factors are recorded in the papers you hold on the case as having been a factor in the council's decision to take the child into care: (a) proximity to a dangerous dog (b) the obesity of the child, (c) a concern the child spends too much time playing computer games and/or on the internet, (d) the child's home environment is unhealthy due to cigarette smoke, (e) the parents do not care adequately for the child because they spend too much time watching television and/or on the internet or (f) that the child has poor dental hygiene.

NOTE: Please note that if you feel providing an answer to Q.1 and Q.2 with Q3 would breach S.40 then I would request that you ONLY answer Q.3. If you decide to take that option I would ask you to justify your decision as I reserve my right to appeal against it.
NOTE: If scrutinizing the papers for the first 20 care cases would breach the cost limit under FoI then please limit the search to just the first 10 cases.

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (all information to be supplied) - application/pdf - Download