Freedom of Information Request

The Rainbow Centre: Complaints, Investigation

Received: 25 August 2021

1. How many complaints have you received in regards to the Rainbow Centre on Dollis Valley Estate since BCP took over
2. Please can you tell me the actions taken and outcomes from the investigation that was overseen by Cllr B Rawlings. (This investigation was requested and clarified under 16PAC011371 - child criminal exploitation case).

Barry advised me this investigation was not completed as Barry was advised not to contact me, by David Tatlow, but the evidence state Cllr Barry Rawlings was to communicate with me, whilst overseeing the investigation. Again he was advised not to.

Please provide evidence of the said investigation, the actions and outcomes, plus evidence of correspondence with myself.
Also please see full request to Barnet Homes and if you could provide the same I'd appreciate it.

Request to Barnet Homes

I would like to see how many time I have contacted you in regards to ASB. I would also like to see a report of the input you had in the following meetings involving ref no: 16PAC011371 - ASB team; strat meeting in regards to above reference number; plus any reports made to you by Police in regards and from any professional on my behalf.

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (some exempt) - application/pdf - Download