Freedom of Information Request

Managing IT Assets/Equipment

Received: 11 October 2021

Under the Freedom of Information Act, please provide me with an electronic copy of policy, procedures or guidance issued to your IT department/staff or others concerning the :

* Management of IT assets (PC's, Desktop, Laptops, Tablets, SmartPhone)
* IT Asset disposal process
* Process or Procedure for monitoring and tracking of physical IT asset inventory/stock
* Process for assigning asset numbers (equipment tracking numbers) to IT assets
* Storage of IT assets
o Storage area
o Inspection of equipment
o Procedure for the intake and recording of new equipment
* Policy on the use of personal computers by Council staff
* Procedures for requests for new IT assets
* Procedures for the installation and disposal of IT equipment.
* Procedures for the redistribution/reallocation of IT Equipment to new staff
* Procedures for returning equipment from staff who have left the Council

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (not held) - application/pdf - Download