Freedom of Information Request

Request north end road property unlawful

Received: 19 April 2022

Please release to me all of the documents in the councils possession in relation to garden flat, [previous and current address redacted NW11 7], including planning consents, details of any planning enforcement action taken, changes in property street naming and numbering, details of Building Control consents and any other housing matters.
Please confirm this original property type and its original intended use
Please confirm its current property type and intended use and the date of any such change
Please confirm whether there were any other changes between the original and the current use
Please confirm who made the applications for each of the intended uses and property types
Please state the date that Barnet council, the local planning authority had approved for a granny annex to be called a garden flat and then had the name changed [Personal data redacted] and please state what date you approve these changes
And please also confirm all of the changes that you approved
Please state the date and relevant contact at Barnet Council who approved the leasees application for a certificate of lawfulness with regards to the alterations and modifications to the property
Please release to me all of the accompanying documents and assessments made into
a) the type of property
b) the restrictions on the property
c) information obtained directly from the freeholder
d) The approval the council gave to change the address from Garden flat to current address [Address redacted NW11 7]
Please can you state how are you allowed an address to be changed when an annex must always form part of the original property as it is incidental to the property itself and on that basis please further state how the planning officer is involved gave consent to treat the property as a self contained private dwelling
What was the date that planning permission was the first sent to you for the erection of the Annex
What was the date that planning permission was first sent to you to allow a bathroom bedroom and kitchen to be installed within it
Please provide me with all relevant consents issued both to
a) the freeholder and
b) the leaseholder.
When it was complained about by [Personal data removed] that works being carried out at [address redacted NW11 7] without planning permission when you first began to investigate following that the application was then withdrawn particularly the application with regards to creating parking spaces at the front of [Address redacted NW11 7].
Can you therefore please advise what monitoring and assessments were conducted and working can you ring to be conducted given that you were already aware that the freeholder of [Address redacted NW11 7] was not acting in accordance with the law?
What actions did the council take when the boundary fence for the front garden (of what is currently known as [Address redacted NW11 7] was removed?
Given that the council were already aware that the freeholder of [Address redacted] was not acting within any consenting basis, who was responsible within LBB and allowed the address to be changed without any involvement of the freeholder [personal data redacted]
With regards to Fabien Gaudin please advise all dates that he came to do a site visit what he found on his site visit
Please state the purpose of planning laws are even when people are found to have infringed the planning process and done things as they wish rather than in accordance with process and what is supposed to happen
So please further state what is your enforcement action policy

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (some exempt) - application/pdf - Download