Freedom of Information Request

Allotment bonfires

Received: 26 June 2022


I am after any information regarding bonfires on allotments in Barnet especially in East Finchley.

I would like any info on all allotment sites especially East Finchley allotments on plane tree walk N2 and also The Fuel lands allotments n2 plus others which fall under Barnet as comparisons.

For all sites May I kindly request :

What months are bonfires allowed? By LBB.

Are there any day or time or month restrictions?

Have any warnings been issued by LBB to any sites? In last 5 years. Specifically interested in EF allotments in Plane tree walk and others to compare.

When were warnings issued? Month and year.

What type of warnings?

How many residential complaints made in last 5 years to LBB re bonfires for each of these allotment sites and when? I am specifically interested in the East Finchley allotments at Plane tree walk n2 and Fuel lands - and others in Finchley / Barnet and using info of the other sites for comparison. Please provide stats for all.

Have there been any complaints made to LBB for any BBQs or other fires made on residential properties in the following Roads and areas:
Creighton Ave
Other local county roads in N2
Any in N2
Any in Barnet?
What are the restrictions for residential fires? Times etc?

Has the environmental office carried out any inspections in any of the above allotments re bonfires/ fires?

Has the environmental health office issued any warnings formal or informal on any of these sites?

May I have a copy of any warnings?

How many warnings have been given to EF allotments?

How many warnings can be given before action taken?

How many incidents in all allotments where fire brigade called out?

All info - In last 5 years.

Are there any air pollution tests done around Martin school area? May you let me know figures?

Are bonfires allowed on allotments?

Do you plan to prevent or restrict bonfires on allotments in future?

Has LBB ever written to East Finchley allotments about bonfires?

May I have copies?

Has LBB provided skips free or paid for to EF allotments in Plane tree walk?


Outcome / Documents

  • Response (all information to be supplied) - application/pdf - Download
  • Response (some exempt) - application/pdf - Download