Freedom of Information Request


Received: 28 June 2022

I am writing to request information under the Freedom of Information Act. In order to assist you with this request, I am outlining my query as specifically as possible.

I would like to have the following for the past 5 years up to and including the year ending April 2022:

*The number of complaints the Local Authority (LA) has received each year from tenants in private rental properties. If the LA does not keep separate figures for the complaints from the Private Rental Sector (PRS) and social housing sector, then please provide the combined total figure for complaints from these sectors and mark it clearly to highlight that it includes both figures.
*The overall number of complaints each year by tenants in all housing.
*The number of HHSRS inspections each year carried out on Private rental properties
*The number of HHSRS inspections in total each year.
*The number of properties with category 1 and cat 2 hazards identified in the private rental sector each year? Please record cat 1 and 2 separately where possible.
*The number of Hazard Awareness Notices served on PRS properties each year
*The number of formal enforcement notices served: Emergency Remedial Action on PRS properties each year
*The number of Prohibition orders served on PRS sector each year
*How many improvement notices have been served in relation to PRS properties for each year
*The total number of prosecutions (excluding Civil Penalties) commenced on the above formal notices for each year

I would be interested in any information held by your organization regarding my request. I understand that I do not have to specify particular files or documents and that it is the department's responsibility to provide the information I require. If you need further clarification, please contact me by email.

I would like to receive the information in Word or Excel format. Please respond to this email and copy in XXXX and XXXXXXX

If my request is denied in whole or in part, I ask that you justify all deletions by reference to specify exemptions of the act. I will also expect you to release all non-exempt material.

I would be grateful if you could confirm in writing that you have received this request. I look forward to your response within 20 working days, as outlined by the statute.

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (all information to be supplied) - application/pdf - Download