Freedom of Information Request

CCTV Enforcement Vehicles

Received: 4 July 2022

This request relates to the use by the Council, either directly, or through its contractors, of mobile cctv enforcement vehicles vehicles marked as such have been observed operating in the Friern Barnet area during the week ending 1st July. These vehicles are white in colour, with black markings ' Mobile CCTV Enforcement Vehicle', but without any apparent name of the operator.

Please respond to the following-

1. are these vehicles operated by the Council? If not, are they operated by contractors on behalf of the Council?
2. If not operated by the Council or its contractors who is operating them?
3. Please provide copies of the documents recording the approval of such operations by Councillors or officials acting under delegated powers.
4. What, specifically, are the vehicles being used to 'enforce'- e.g.
compliance with parking restrictions outside schools (i.e. a general response will not be considered satisfactory).
5. How many such vehicles are operated by or on behalf of the Council?
When did their use commence?
6. Please provide a list of locations at which such vehicles were deployed during the week ending 1st July.
7. Please provide a copy of the safety instructions issued to the operators -e.g. with regard to positioning the vehicles in locations where they will not cause a distraction to drivers of other vehicles.
8. The Council website has explanatory details of fixed cctv installations outside schools, etc, but seemingly no content about these vehicles. Why is this?
9. How many of such vehicles have been involved in traffic accidents whilst deployed?
10. Are statistics kept of traffic accidents occurring in proximity to the vehicles whilst deployed (bearing in mind that the vehicle may have contributed to an accident because other drivers were distracted by it)?

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (all information to be supplied) - application/pdf - Download