Freedom of Information Request

Councilors' Code of Conduct

Received: 5 July 2022

This is a FOI request about the Councillors' code of conduct.

During the years 2021-22 and 2020-21,

1a. How many potential breaches of the Councillors' code of conduct were reported to the Standards Committee, or other relevant ethics committees?

1b. How many of these potential breaches led to investigations?

1c. How many of these investigations related to planning, development or housing issues?

2. For each investigation of potential breaches of the code of conduct that related to planning, development or housing issues in 1c, please state:

2a. The date the potential breach was reported

2b. The date the investigation commenced

2c. Whether the investigation has concluded

2d. Which body conducted the investigation

2e. The name(s) of the councillors who where investigated

For concluded investigations please also state:

2f. Whether a breach of the code of conduct was found to have occurred

2g. What action was taken (if any) following the investigation

3. Does the council have a policy relating to new business appointments taken up by councillors and/or senior staff after they have finished a term of service or employment?

4a. If such a policy exists, does it include post-employment restrictions that seek to ensure former councillors and staff do not make use of privileged information to which they were party? This may include, for example, advice or restrictions on the type of job they can accept, or their future communications with the council over a fixed period of time.

4b. If such a policy exists, please state its name and which organ of the council is responsible for the oversight and enforcement of it?

4c. If such a policy exists, please provide a copy of it.

Please ensure that any redactions you seek to make, based on the exemptions in the Act, are sufficiently granular.

Where you do cite exemptions, please explain how they directly relate to the withheld information, and, where applicable, how the public interest of withholding/releasing the information has informed your decision.

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (some exempt) - application/pdf - Download