Freedom of Information Request


Received: 15 December 2022

What day did the gritting in barnet start with this recent poor weather?
I understand theres a priority 1 set of streets that is done - when was this done , and were any not done?
Re priority 2 streets for gritting- when was this done , and if partially done which streets were not gritted?

were any pavements in the borough gritted?

I ask as there's no evidence of gritting on any 2 priority streets around here. Ive called in as an emergency for our street as cars cannot get up it due to the ice and we are on a steep incline but nothing has been done.
were it not for some decent neighbours and passers by I would have slid into a parked car.
whoever is determining what roads should and should not be gritted should try and drive down our road and safely come to a stop when it snows.
Cars , ice , hills....

Its a miracle there haven't been more accidents.


Outcome / Documents

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