Freedom of Information Request

The Royal Borough of Greenwich request for information on pay bandings for internal staff (Trade staff)

Received: 4 January 2023

To whom it may concern,

I am writing from The Repairs and Investment department within The Royal Borough of Greenwich Council; we are currently working on a Pay and Reward project for our DLO staff (Direct Labour Organisation). We are carrying out some research, looking at the best practice for pay and reward schemes. We want to find out from similar organisations what systems, performance measures they are using. We are interested to find out whether other organisations are using flat rate schemes, performance related pay or bonuses and how successful they are. I am submitting this request to ask some questions to find out if your organisation have a similar scheme and if so, how this works. Our questions are as followed:

* Do you have an inhouse DLO? Do you use contractors or is this mixed?
* Based on what your organisation use, how successful is this?
* Do you use a flat rate scheme, performance related pay or bonuses?
* Which performance measures do you use either for managing performance of colleagues on a flat rate scheme or to calculate performance related pay. E.g., average number of jobs per day or Schedule or rates and standard minute values?
* How is your pay calculated e.g., calculated using Craft or a skills matrix?
* What housing systems do you use and any other systems that you find useful?
* If you have an in house DLO, what do you pay your trade staff e.g., plumbers, electricians, carpenters, glaziers? Is it possible to provide a full list of all trade staff pay bandings? If you use contractors, how do you pay them?
* What do you pay your supervisors?
* What are your supervisors required to do in comparison to DLO's (if you have an inhouse team)?
* Do you carry out post inspections to check quality of work?
* If you have in house DLO, do you offer overtime and how is this calculated?
* Do you have an out of hours service and is this carried out by your own DLO's? If yes, how do you pay your DLO's for this service? If you use contractors, how is this calculated?
* Are any other team members paid incentives / a bonus e.g., planners and supervisors?
* how do you measure resident satisfaction?
* Do you take on apprentices? If so, how does this impact the staff training them? How is it made sure that this does not impact their pay if they are paid based on performance?
* How recent was your pay banding reviewed?

If it is possible to arrange a 30-minute chat with us over Microsoft teams with the relevant person to discuss the above that would be great. Alternatively, please can you respond to this FOI request.

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (all information to be supplied) - application/pdf - Download