Freedom of Information Request

Electoral Management System

Received: 9 January 2023

1. Which company is the supplier of the Electoral Management System (EMS) for the London Borough of Barnet?
2. What modules are included in the contract for the supply of Barnet's EMS? Examples could include tablet canvassing, automated boundary changes, online staffing app etc.
3. What is the annual value of the current EMS contract, including any modules mentioned in response to question 2?
4. In what year was the current contract awarded?
5. For how many years was the current contract awarded?
6. Is the authority's EMS contract now on a fixed term basis or a rolling annual basis?
a. If fixed, when does the current contract expire?
b. If rolling, what is the anniversary renewal date?
7. When is the next EMS procurement process scheduled to begin? If this information isn't known, please provide a best estimate and make clear that it's an estimate.
8. When did the last EMS procurement take place?
9. Which suppliers were invited to bid during the last EMS procurement?
10. What is the name and the job title of the person at Barnet that manages electoral services?
11. If known, what is the name, work phone number and job title of the procurement officer at Barnet who will manage the next EMS procurement process?

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (some exempt) - application/pdf - Download