Freedom of Information Request

Homes for Ukraine scheme

Received: 11 January 2023

Under the UK Government's Homes for Ukraine scheme, councils receive £10,500 per person to "provide support to families to rebuild their lives and fully integrate into communities".

I would like to request a precise breakdown of how the funding has been spent or distributed to date by the local Homes for Ukraine team, and any designated allocations, either as a total figure or as a proportion of the per-person funding.

Where possible, this should including answers to the following:
1. How much funding has been received by Barnet Council under this program?
2. How much (or what proportion) of the total funding received/promised has already been spent or allocated to specific programs or initiatives?
3. How much (if any) of the funding has been allocated as a top-up amount for hosts (either per host or as a total figure)?
4. How many staff have been employed using the funding (and/or are employed to provide support to hosts and guests in the area)? Where able, please specify if on full time or part time hours.
5. How many Ukrainian or Russian speaking staff are being employed to provide support to guests/Ukrainians?
6. How much has been spent on temporary or emergency accommodation for Ukrainians?
7. Has any of the funding been allocated to local charities or community-led projects serving the needs of hosts or guests, and if so, how much?
8. Has any the funding been allocated to English language classes, and if so, how much?
9. Lastly, how much (or what proportion) of the total funding or per-person funding is currently being held back from being spent/distributed specifically to serve as a 'contingency' (in the event of unforeseen issues that may arise affecting Ukrainians at a later date), and if there is a specific contingency fund, what particular events or uses (if any) is this being held back for?

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (all information to be supplied) - application/pdf - Download