Freedom of Information Request

Lobbying for climate action & funding

Received: 16 January 2023

I would like information about your council's lobbying work in relation to climate action for the Council Climate Action Scorecards.

In particular, please supply me with information relating to the following question:

Has the council written to or met with UK national or devolved governments to ask or lobby for climate action since 1st January 2019? Please provide some evidence of the most recent letter or meeting such as a copy of the letter or email sent, or the date, topic of meeting and position of the person that the meeting was held with.

This includes either asking for more powers and funding for local authorities to take climate action, or asking for the government to take further action themselves. This includes working with other local authorities to send joint letters or meetings to lobby UK or devolved governments, and includes both general climate action and calls for action on specific issues such as transport where climate change is mentioned as a motivating factor for taking action.

This includes if a cabinet member or other councillor has written to or met with the UK or devolved governments on behalf of the council.

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (all information to be supplied) - application/pdf - Download