Freedom of Information Request

Finchley Lido Leisure Centre

Received: 23 January 2023

History of Finchley Lido Construction
1. Details held on history of the Lido's construction, and how it was paid for, and who decided the design and standard of the pool construction?
2. I would like to know how much it costs annually to run the swimming pools at Finchley Lido? By this I mean the electricity and gas and maintenance any other costs including repairs?

Previous plans published for the FInchley Lido site
3. I am in receipt of the council's magazine "Barnet First" issue 61 march 2015 page 4 article titled £20 million proposals to rebuild Copthall and Church Farm leisure centres. It states " Finchley and Hendon Leisure Centres could also be rebuild at their existing sites in the next decade. Can you confirm that that is what the council wrote in their publication?
4. May I have the name of who at the council deals with Regal in regard to granting them the sale of the present Finchley Lido site?

Public scrutiny of plans and decision making responsibilities
5. May I have the date(s) of the council sessions where the future of the site was discussed?
6. May I have the record of who was at the meeting(s) and what was said at the meetings?
7. May I have the date and time of the next 20 meetings concerning anything to do with the future Finchley Lido?
8. May I have a list of the 5 people on the council most involved in the discussion of Finchley Lido and the prospect of it becoming housing?

Financial appraisal
9. May I know how much money Barnet council hopes to make off of the sale or other wise disposing of Finchley Lido site?

Public Consultation on current plans for Finchley Lido's future?
10. Please advise who is responsible for the consultation on Finchley Lido's future and is responsible for preparing the information content contained within it?
11. Who are the officers who spoke to interested parties and local resident about the Council plans and how were they chosen?
12. Future plans for Finchley Lido site?
13. Is it true that the council has a long range plan in conjuction with Regal or any other developer to close the Lido and build a high rise or other type of housing on the site?
14. May I know if the people of Barnet have any right to retain an existing leisure site?

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (some exempt) - application/pdf - Download