Freedom of Information Request

Freedom of Information request - Frith Lane Mill Hill

Received: 30 January 2023

Please will you tell me why no Zebra Crossing was put back at Mill Hill when the road works were completed, making it an extremely dangerous road to cross? Instead an island was placed much further up that really serves no purpose as one still has to cross Frith Lane.
This means that people in Mill Hill have to cross Frith Lane to go to the shops and this is very dangerous, traffic comes from all directions extremely fast and it's not safe, it's a wonder there haven't been any deaths there on that sharp bend where the traffic is upon you and you end up waiting, or you risk it to cross the road. Surely it shouldn't be this way?
Just what was the point of taking away a Zebra Crossing that made crossing the road safely, especially for the people that live close by who I see struggle to cross the road, they take their lives in their hands on a daily basis.
Are you going to put the Zebra Crossing back where it was?

Barnet have told me that that the Zebra Crossing that was there in mill hill before the works were done, was not a Zebra Crossing.
Are you going to put the Zebra Crossing back where it was?

I am taking this out of the internal review process as this request for a new crossing at Frith Lane junction with Bittacy Hill is better handled as a service request rather than a request for information.
The Highways Service has advised the following.
Our Design Team has checked its list of Highways assets maintained.
As mentioned in our previous response a traffic island was removed during 2017 to improve traffic flow near the Frith Lane / Bittacy Hill Roundabout as part of Millbrook Park Regeneration Works. This was not a Zebra Crossing.
Highways service has advised that the only Zebra Crossing between Frith Lane and Holders Hill Circus was renewed recently, a few months back, see attached photo.
There are a number of other Zebra Crossings throughout Bittacy Hill at prime locations where there is high pedestrian flow (i.e. near Holders Hill Circus outside the shops , Near Mill Hill Station, Near Inglis Way junction etc.)
Any new requests for crossings will need to be assessed based on criteria and funding availability by our Design Team. We will include your request for zebra crossing at Frith Lane junction with Bittacy Hill to be considered alongside other requests received to be assessed for inclusion in a future work programme.
For traffic and parking related schemes we have an annual programme of work which is agreed each year by the council's Environment Committee. This means that any new requests for work are unlikely to be funded in the current financial year but can be considered for inclusion in future years programmes subject to meeting criteria and funding availability

Outcome / Documents

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