Freedom of Information Request

Homes for Ukraine Scheme

Received: 3 February 2023

Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing with a request for information under the FOI ACT 2000. The request is regarding safeguarding concerns and the Homes for Ukraine scheme; it follows on from a similar request I sent recently and I really appreciate your response to the previous request, and I can assure you this is the last request I will send on the scheme. In light of the response to my previous request, it's really crucial (and firmly within the public interest) that I send a final follow up to ensure that I have as precise numbers as possible - for a more up-to-date time period - hence why I am sending this final request on this scheme. It shouldn't take very long to fill out given that I previously requested and received similar information, but in that case, with instances as opposed to actual numbers requested.

It is really important for this request that you respond with actual numbers where possible, and where exemption FOIA s40 may apply, to state <5 rather than not answer the question or the request as a whole.

As before, to simplify this request, I am attaching a spreadsheet containing the questions and the format I would like you to answer them in, and I would be grateful if you could fill in the answers as per the example answers I have filled in in red. I have added a notes tab should there be any issues with any of the questions, so if you are unable to fill in a certain part please detail why not there.

I am requesting information from the time period of from when the Homes for Ukraine scheme began up until 3rd February 2023

If you would like me to clarify any parts of the request, please be in contact.

Outcome / Documents

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