Freedom of Information Request

Data request

Received: 15 February 2023

Under the Freedom of Information Act please provide the following for all Non-Domestic Properties with a rateable of £20,000 or more -

* Valuation Office Agency property reference
* Name of ratepayer - excluding individuals
* Contact Address - excluding individuals. i.e. address used for the issuing of bills etc as set out in Regulation 2 of the Non-Domestic Rating (Collection and Enforcement) (Local Lists) Regulations 1989 -
where any notice which is required or authorised by these Regulations to be given to or served on a person relates to a hereditament which is (or, where such a notice relates to more than one hereditament, one or more of which is) a place of business of that person, it may be given or served by leaving it at, or by sending it by post to him at, the place of business (or, as the case may be, one of those places of business).
* Property Address, including postcode
* Rateable Value

If for any reason you are unable to supply any of the above elements, please still provide the remainder.

Please provide in Excel

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (information exempt) - application/pdf - Download