Freedom of Information Request

School term dates 2006/07 to 2021/22 by local authority

Received: 9 February 2023

Please could you provide the school term dates set by your authority between the academic years 2006/07 and 2021/22?

If possible, please could you: (1) supply these dates in .csv or .xlsx (Excel) format; (2) include the dates for each of the six half terms for each academic year; (3) for each half term, list the 'Open' date as the first day that local authority schools were open and the 'Close' date as the last day that local authority schools were open; (4) state that a school was 'Open' even if it is expected that all schools used that date as in INSET (in-service training) day; (5) ignore the early May bank holidays, Easter weekend (if not in holiday time), royal events, and any other nation-wide public holidays.

If your authority has undergone boundary changes in this period, please indicate this in your response but still provide dates for the previous authority

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (all information to be supplied) - application/pdf - Download