Freedom of Information Request

Ashmole Academy - Soil contamination reports ( planning applications)

Received: 13 March 2023

Could you please send all the soil contamination and remediation reports related to Ashmole Academy ( secondary / Cecil Road London N14 5RJ)

These reports are part of any planning application process for a school development/construction but these mandatory reports are missing from the academy planning applications published on your website. Only the decision from the council related to the soil contamination/remediation were published without any details.

Outcome / Documents

  • 16_1258_FUL-PHASE_1_DESKTOP_STUDY_-_APPENDIX_B-3329596 - application/pdf - Download
  • 16_5606_FUL-LAND_CONTAMINATION_ASSESSMENT-3470206 - application/pdf - Download
  • Response (some exempt) - application/pdf - Download