Freedom of Information Request

Homes recently connected to District Heat Networks

Received: 7 April 2023

Questions/information types
1. How many homes have been connected to DHNs? (New build or existing)
2. How many non-residential buildings? (New build or existing)

Further information if available
If other relevant information is publicly available, please provide a link. (Local Planning documents are available but this request is focussed on results rather than policies). If officers could report further details it would be appreciated. Possible issues could include:

a) How funding from London's Mayor or central government helped. Amounts from which schemes.
b) Problems in delivering networks: up-front costs, financing, lack of areas densely populated enough to make schemes viableā€¦
c) Energy sources: for example, I think Islington has an unusual scheme using waste heat from TfL tube tunnels. Some councils have Combined Heat and Power (CHP) schemes where a local generator provides electricity and heat. Can be linked to swimming pools.
d) Plans to replace gas boilers in DHNs, and replace with 'Biofuels.' If so, when? With what biofuels from which companies?
e) Public buildings used as anchors, to ensure the DHN supplies enough heat at scale to make it viable. Owned by the council or other bodies.
f) Estimates of energy costs to end users, compared to alternatives
g) Estimates of greenhouse gas savings, compared to alternatives
h) What organisations run networks? How are they funded? Are they profit-making? What is their expected profit margin? Are minimum prices guaranteed in long-term contracts?
i) Percentage of new build homes connected to DHNs. Numbers not connected. Reasons.

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (all information to be supplied) - application/pdf - Download