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Freedom of Information requests within the last 180 days for Council and democracy.

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FOI ID Title Received date
5186028 Interpreting Services 25th Mar 2019
5170828 How many LOBO loans (number of loans and total principal) 18th Mar 2019
5146628 Groundkeepers 7th Mar 2019
5143828 IT Decision maker 6th Mar 2019
5143129 Health and Safety 5th Mar 2019
5112428 Fly Tipping 25th Feb 2019
5103033 Procurement of Telecoms and IT Hardware and Services 20th Feb 2019
5090228 List of all empty commercial (non-residential) property rates 14th Feb 2019
5088328 Structure Charts 14th Feb 2019
5086728 Domestic violence refuges 13th Feb 2019
5084528 Number of electronic items reported missing at your council 13th Feb 2019
5084729 Community Asset Transfers 12th Feb 2019
5105028 Non-disclosure agreements 7th Feb 2019
5080428 Those bus routes covering vulnerable person transport which have been outsourced 31st Jan 2019
5039728 Public Spaces Protection Orders 30th Jan 2019
5036929 Fixed Penalty Notices for littering 29th Jan 2019
5036829 Road signs 29th Jan 2019
5022828 546 Finchley Road NW11 8DD 23rd Jan 2019
5020429 Property Guardians 22nd Jan 2019
5022328 I want to know the Council's understanding of the term prejudicial to human health when it comes to the Environmental Protection Act 1990 21st Jan 2019
4997828 What Authority does does an Authorised Officer issuing a PSPO have to present? 14th Jan 2019
4997429 PSPO's for Dog Fouling and Littering 14th Jan 2019
4996430 PSPO's in force 11th Jan 2019
4996328 PSPO's and homeless people 11th Jan 2019
4995731 Pothole Compensation Claims 11th Jan 2019
4992629 ANPR Cameras 10th Jan 2019
4989229 The number of children currently used by the council as juvenile Covert Human Intelligence Sources (CHIS) 9th Jan 2019
4989228 The total spent by the local authority on print advertising in local or regional newspapers and magazines 9th Jan 2019
4985628 Gypsy and Traveller pitches, sites and encampments 8th Jan 2019
4985028 Private hire or hackney carriage driver licence 8th Jan 2019
4984828 Barnet Council Comms Team Structure and Budget 7th Jan 2019
4984728 Council Senior Managament Structure 7th Jan 2019
4984228 Council Fleet 6th Jan 2019
4976928 Can you publish the salary bands of all staff who work in public health? 4th Jan 2019
4972929 Grant funding awarded to charitable organisations by your local authority 3rd Jan 2019
4962728 ACM cladding systems that failed large-scale system tests undertaken since the Grenfell Tower fire 21st Dec 2018
4962328 Car Thefts 21st Dec 2018
4953128 Structure Charts 18th Dec 2018
4952528 Non Disclosure Agreements 18th Dec 2018
4944830 recruitment of Internatioanl Social Workers 14th Dec 2018
4948928 Collection of Debt 14th Dec 2018
4944728 Assaults on Teachers in Schools 12th Dec 2018
4944528 'IR35'. 11th Dec 2018
4941028 Item 7 ' Review of Capita Contracts Audit Committee 11th Dec 2018
4945028 Legal Services 11th Dec 2018
4941428 fines/revenues have been raised by the new Traffic Cameras at the junction High Road N12 with Ravensdale Avenue 11th Dec 2018
4934829 How much money was spent by the council and its contractors on each of the following plastoic items 10th Dec 2018
4944228 LBB Transition to a different email system 10th Dec 2018
4927730 Formal complaints/grievances made by a council employee about a council employee 6th Dec 2018
4926828 Coronial drug screening 4th Dec 2018
4911229 Food poverty and section 17 Children Act 29th Nov 2018
4909228 Property Guardians 28th Nov 2018
4901628 Senior staff 26th Nov 2018
4908528 Social Care Systems 23rd Nov 2018
4940028 Capita CEO meeting minutes & FOI 22nd Nov 2018
4886029 List of suppliers providing outsourced ICT Services 19th Nov 2018
4881332 Spending on award ceremonies 16th Nov 2018
4881428 Customer service contact centre - Standards, Structure and Performance 16th Nov 2018
4881330 Sexual harrassment cases 16th Nov 2018
4881230 Christmas Lights Switch On 15th Nov 2018
4886228 Hippodrome planning application 17/5846/S73 10th Nov 2018
4862929 Financial Performance & Contracts Committee 9 October 2018 - Exempt report Item 15 9th Nov 2018
4877028 Register of senior officers' interests and declarations of hospitality 9th Nov 2018
4860137 Sexual Harassment Complaints 7th Nov 2018
4860135 SOX Street Lighting 6th Nov 2018
4854428 CCTV cameras currently maintained by or known to the Council in the Borough 5th Nov 2018
4863028 Invoice date, payment date and supplier name for invoices where the payment date is greater than 30 days after invoice date 5th Nov 2018
4860133 Lease of Copthall Stadium to Saracens Copthall LLP 5th Nov 2018
4848531 Complete exempt report, listed as Item 14 in the Reports pack for the meeting of the Policy & Resources Committee meeting on 23 October 2018 2nd Nov 2018
4849329 Total number of complaints the council receives per year 2nd Nov 2018
4849328 Exempted report submitted to the last Policy & Resources meeting in regard to the Saracens Loan 2nd Nov 2018
4847332 IT Contacts and Spend 1st Nov 2018
4847330 Blue Badge applications 1st Nov 2018
4845529 Anti Social Behaviour Enforcement Measures used by the Council 1st Nov 2018
4845428 PSPO's 31st Oct 2018
4845530 Staffing Structure Charts 31st Oct 2018
4839528 Car Parking costs for authorised council employees 26th Oct 2018
4836028 Invoice payment data for all supplier invoices paid from April 1 2015 ' September 30 2018 25th Oct 2018
4831533 FOI stats 19th Oct 2018
4831828 Trading Standards and Environmental Health 19th Oct 2018
4824728 Colindale Allotment 18th Oct 2018
4835829 The total number of formal complaints/grievances made by a council employee about a council employee 18th Oct 2018
4820329 Pension Fund Investments 17th Oct 2018
4835028 Council's income from council tax and expenditure 17th Oct 2018
4824528 Enforcement actions have been taken by your local authority on unauthorised traveller settlements 17th Oct 2018
4820331 Community Right To Challenge Localism Act, 2011 15th Oct 2018
4808528 Works of art owned by the council 12th Oct 2018
4820028 Induction material provided to new Councillors following the last election 12th Oct 2018
4835928 Telephone number for Environmental Enforcement Team 12th Oct 2018
4814230 Works of Art owned by The Council 12th Oct 2018
4814028 Public rescue equipment 11th Oct 2018
4814030 Unauthorised electronic listening devices in Barnet Council premises and meeting rooms? 11th Oct 2018
4801728 Stammering Children 10th Oct 2018
4799828 the name of every employee in your local authority. 10th Oct 2018
4803928 SARs 10th Oct 2018
4797628 How many incidents the local coroner has reported to the council of death by misadventure, specifically as a result of a food allergy. 8th Oct 2018
4796928 Policy on recording calls to the council 8th Oct 2018
4790829 Staff Contracts 4th Oct 2018
4791030 Up-to-date list of staff contacts 4th Oct 2018
4789928 PSPO's for Begging 3rd Oct 2018
4782428 Deceased residents benefits and blue badges 2nd Oct 2018
4781728 Empty Properties 1st Oct 2018
4776528 Static, Touring & Camping Parks as well as all Residential Parks in your area 27th Sep 2018

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