Partnership libraries

Partnership libraries are part of Barnet Council’s recently announced plans to reshape the library service that will, amongst other things, keep all 14 libraries open, while delivering the savings required by the Council. Out of these 14 libraries, four will be community managed as part of the overall library network.

Barnet Council has invited community groups, not-for-profit and voluntary organisations and groups of residents to run one of the four Partnership libraries at East Barnet, South Friern, Mill Hill and Childs Hill libraries and is currently assessing Expressions of Interest.

How will partnership libraries work?

The Council will be responsible for providing the library space, the books and IT equipment as well as an annual grant to cover the costs of running the library.  The grant will be £35k in the first year, £28k in the second and £25k each year thereafter.

Community groups will be responsible for providing a minimum of 15 hours of library service per week, which must be open to the public and all Barnet residents. 

How do I get in contact for more information?

We’ve produced a frequently asked questions sheet, as well as more detailed information.

If you have any questions about Partnership libraries or would like to submit an expression of interest, please contact us via or telephone 0208 359 7024.