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What you can borrow

Barnet libraries have something for everyone including:

  • fiction such as mysteries, classics and science fiction
  • non-fiction books on every topic imaginable
  • vocal scores and playsets
  • music CDs (please note music CDs are only available at Chipping Barnet library and East Finchley library) 
  • audiobooks
  • DVDs
  • ebooks and audiobooks
  • digital magazines

How many items you can borrow and for how long

  • adults and teenagers - 14 items on loan at any one time
  • children - 10 items on loan at a time
  • books - 3 weeks
  • music CDs or audiobooks - 3 weeks
  • DVDs - 3 or 7 days (3 day DVDs are only available in staffed hours)

You can return items to any Barnet library. You can also reserve items from another Barnet Library for free. Items which are not in Barnet Libraries can also be reserved for a small fee.


Books, CDs and audiobooks can be borrowed free of charge but DVDs have a small loan charge. Charges are made for all overdue items.

Renewing your loans

You can renew your loans in person, by telephone or online.

Special library cards

If you are a childminder, preschool leader or foster carer you can have a special card for books to share with the children in your care. 

  • Childminders can borrow an additional 14 items, plus themed story boxes. Standard loan periods and charges apply
  • Preschool leaders can borrow up to 30 items, plus themed story boxes. Books are loaned for 100 days and non-book items for standard loan periods. Standard charges apply
  • Foster carers can borrow an additional 20 books for up to six weeks, 2 DVDs (U, PG and 12 certificates) free of charge and themed story boxes

To get a special library card you must show

  • proof of name and address
  • your OFSTED or Local Authority registration documents

People living with Dementia

We also offer a special card for people living with Dementia. With this card you can borrow the standard 14 items but no fines are charged on the late return of books. Please visit any Barnet Library to apply.

Interlibrary loan

Interlibrary loan obtains non-fiction books which are not held in your own public library. We cannot borrow audiovisual items, fiction or children's books. Orders are placed either online or in person at your closest library. You can order journal articles directly from the British Library for a small fee.

Community language materials

We are currently in the process of re-locating our community language materials. Please contact your local library to check availability  


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