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Alcohol, entertainment, late night refreshment licences

 You will need a licence to:

  • sell alcohol
  • sell alcohol to members and guests in a members club 
  • offer regulated entertainment such as films, plays, indoor sports, boxing or wrestling, live or recorded music or dancing
  • sell late night refreshment such as hot food or hot drinks between 11pm and 5am

There are 4 types of licences you may need to apply for depending on what you want to do

these are:

  • premises licences - this is a license which allows one or more of the activities that need a licence in a building 
  • personal licences -  to sell alcohol from a premises (that has a premises licence) at least one person must be responsible for the sales of alcohol, this person will need a personal licence. 
  • club premises certificate - similar to premises licence but for members only clubs
  • temporary event notices - for one off events for a limited period of time and limited numbers of people


Cumulative Impact Zone consulation

We are currently undertaking consultation on a proposed Cumulative Impact Zone (CIZ) for the Burnt Oak area. 

A CIZ is used where we recognise  there is such a cumulative effect from the number of licensed premises in an area which is contributing to alcohol related harm.  View the the consultation document and map of the proposed area.

CIZ Consultation document – Licensing Policy

To make comments on the proposed CIZ, please email or telephone 020 8359 7443.

Alternatively, you can write to us by 11 October 2019 at

CIZ Consultation
London Borough of Barnet
2 Bristol Avenue 
NW9 4EW 

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