Street trading licences

Temporary street space fund

Our Temporary Town Centre Street Space Fund has been set up to help businesses make the most of the outdoor space in front of their premises, to trade from and help customers follow social distancing rules.

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You need a licence to trade on the public highway, including the pavement or any other area (not within a permanently enclosed premises) that is within seven meters of any road or footway.

Street trading is the selling, offering or exposing for sale of any item or service in the street. This includes stalls (including Market stalls), shop-front displays, cafe tables and chairs with service, mobile traders & Advertisement ‘A’ Boards.

The types of applications that you can apply for are:

  • Temporary Street Trading Licence – these licences need to be applied for if you want to display your goods outside your premises or have tables and chairs for your customers to sit.  They last for a maximum of 6 months.
  • Permanent Street Trading Licence – these can only be applied for after 2 successful temporary street trading licences have been applied and granted in the past 12 months.  These licences can last up to 3 years (will an annual fee payment) and will also require you to have applied for a Street trading Designation for your trading area.
  • Street Trading Designation – This needs to be applied for at the same time as applying for a permanent street trading licence.
  • Static Pitch type licences – for a more traditional style of street trading.  The Licensing team will require a business proposal to be submitted so that the suitability of the type of trading and the location can be assessed before a temporary street trading licence can be applied for.
  • Pavement Licence – To be brought in once the Planning & Business Bill has been made law.
  • Other Street Activities not requiring a street trading licences/permits