Barnet Construction Supply Chain Programme: £7m of investment retained in the local economy


West Hendon

West Hendon

The Barnet Construction Supply Chain programme has effectively supported more than 70 SMEs and 15 developers, leading to the retention of £7 million within the local economy.

This two-year programme led by the council, aims to empower local businesses to secure more work from developers and property managers investing in the borough. Acting as a facilitator between buyers and local suppliers, the council has assisted in fostering partnerships which resulted in 27 bidding opportunities and 12 contract wins.

With a focus on ‘Meet the Buyer’ events and training, the programme has helped SMEs to secure more work while promoting a greener and more sustainable community.

Cllr Anne Clarke, Barnet’s Small Business Champion, said: “Barnet is proud to champion and work together with our small businesses. The Barnet Construction Supply Chain programme supports entrepreneurs achieve sustainable growth and create local job opportunities. Barnet Council will continue to partner with our small businesses to bring prosperity and opportunity to our borough.”

Michael Gavin MD, from MPG Contracts Ltd, said: “Being part of this project has allowed us to directly engage with some of the big buyers operating in Barnet. With the guidance and support received during the programme we successfully tendered for a substantial contract, contributing to our growth. We are also incorporating sustainable practices to help us reduce our carbon footprint.”

Abbie Degnan, St George Plc’s employment and skills co-ordinator, said: “We are committed to maximising the socio-economic impact of our projects by using local suppliers and this programme has provided us with the opportunity to connect directly with businesses in the borough and refresh our supply chain.”

The current programme is set to continue until March 2024 and will offer more training opportunities for local construction companies and another Meet the Buyer event in the new year. Due to its success, the council is looking to renew the Barnet Construction Supply Chain Programme for a further year.

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