Barnet Council launches £150,000 apprenticeship funding for local employers  




For National Apprenticeship Week 2024, Barnet Council has launched a new fund to cover the cost of apprenticeships for local employers.  

Delivered in partnership with Capita and Workwhile, the fund covers 100% of the apprenticeship training costs. This enables local businesses to access a diverse and talented workforce across a wide range of sectors such as construction and trades, health and social care, culture and media, and professions like accountancy and law.

With more than £150,000 available, employers can apply for apprenticeship funding for current employees or to help recruit new staff. The scheme reinforces the council’s commitment to community development and economic growth. Apprenticeships are a key part of this, equipping people with the skills and experience to build a career while providing employers with the opportunity to develop the skilled workers they need. 

In addition to funding training costs, Barnet Council also offers recruitment support and guidance for businesses through the whole process. 

Cllr Anne Clarke, Cabinet Member for Community Wealth Building, said: “We have created the Barnet Apprenticeship Levy Fund not only to support our businesses to grow, but we are also investing in the future of our community. This fund will help create new job opportunities for our residents, especially young people providing them with the skills and experience to start their careers. I encourage local employers to get in touch to find out how they could benefit from the scheme.” 

Dale Wood, Managing Director of Capita Local Public Service, said: “We recognise the long-term, positive impact that apprenticeships can have on individuals, businesses, and local communities - irrespective of age or background.  We are delighted to partner with Barnet Council this National Apprenticeship Week to provide individuals with excellent opportunities to build transferable skills within employment, whilst helping local businesses to create a valuable talent pipeline to meet their needs, both now and into the future.” 

For further details on the Apprenticeship Levy fund visit: