Barnet residents urged to register to vote

Author: Dalitso Njolinjo


Residents have until the 18 April to make sure that they have their say in the important elections being held in the borough on 5 May.
The Underhill Ward by-election, Mayor of London, Barnet and Camden Constituency London Assembly Member and London-wide Assembly Member elections will all take place on 5 May with all the results expected to be declared on 6 May once the counts have been completed.
Eligible residents that have not yet registered can make sure that they can participate in these important elections by going to to apply to be on the register before the deadline on 18 April.
Residents can view the notice of elections and candidate lists on
The online application process makes it easy and convenient for young people in particular to get onto the register. Young people aged 16 and 17 can now be on the register and if they turn 18 on or before May 5 they will be able to vote on election day, so long as they have registered by 18 April.
With the national referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU now set for 23 June it’s even more important that young people make sure they register before their 18th birthday.

Andrew Travers, Chief Executive of Barnet Council and Returning Officer, said: “With just a month left until the elections, it is important that residents make sure that they are on the register so they can have their say on issues that will certainly impact not only their day to day lives, but the direction of the country. I would encourage people to register as soon as they can so they do not miss out.”

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