Celebrating the people who make Barnet: Anthony Dawodu


Celebrating the people who together make Barnet

Anthony Dawudo

Anthony Dawudo

Together, we are Barnet will highlight some of our many groups, sports teams and local projects, as well as individuals, who contribute so much to our community.

This week we're focusing on Anthony Dawodu, founder of cycling charity, Wheelio, which helps to bring together people of all ages to socialise on two wheels.

“The idea for Wheelio came about three years ago [2016] when I was speaking to a lot of people in the area about what we could do to improve wellbeing. Families I spoke to said they wanted a safe place for their children to learn how to cycle. It just evolved from there. We started a small organisation, that became a charity. We got funding from TfL that helped us buy bikes and equipment.

“We created a free club. This is an area of low income; many don’t have the money to buy bikes or have the space to store them. When we started out, we were overwhelmed with support. Such a diverse range of people offered their help and their time. Our hope was that we would get 100 people cycling; last year [2018] we had more than 600!

“We most definitely have people of all backgrounds, of all nations, of all ages regularly taking part. Our youngest is three. We taught a Chinese lady in her 70s to ride. The club has become a hub, bringing everyone together. Families have taken ownership of the park, transforming its character. Older people are using it to relax, exercise and socialise.”

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