Discover Barnet: shop safely and support your local high street


Discover Barnet shop safely shop local

Discover Barnet shop safely shop local

Barnet Council has launched Discover Barnet, a campaign to support the local businesses that create Barnet’s vibrant high streets and town centres – and the people behind them.

Discover Barnet highlights the vital role that small businesses play in Barnet’s communities and economies by focussing on seven local businesses who have been serving Barnet residents for many years.

It also provides guidance to help residents shop safely, and highlights the public realm changes the council has put in place throughout many of Barnet’s town centres to keep everyone as safe as possible, including:

  • social distancing reminders on pavements
  • temporary barriers to widen narrow pavements and allow for more effective social distancing
  • a team of Town Centre Advisors who are visiting businesses to offer advice on how to keep shops safe

Many of the campaign’s seven featured businesses have been operating for over 30 years and all of them play a major role in the life and heart of their communities.

Dave and his brother have been running Dave’s Trade Centre in Finchley Central for nearly 40 years:

“People are changing the way they shop, but it’s really important that we continue to have a thriving high street. Shops like ours are part of the community. A busy and vibrant local high street attracts more shoppers, and more businesses. Supporting your local shops makes where we live and work a more pleasant place to be.”

Visit the website for tips on shopping safely, find out about the safety measures that have been put into place in Barnet’s town centres and meet more of Barnet’s local business owners: