Feedback sought on waste regulations

Author: Pawan Dhande


Barnet Council wants to hear residents’ and businesses’ views on new guidelines about where, when and how recycling and waste can be left out to be collected and should be stored.

Feedback sought on waste regulations

Feedback sought on waste regulations

To help to continue to keep the borough clean, the council is planning to introduce guidelines to keep High Streets free of litter, fly-tipped material and clutter.

A key feature of the guidelines is to introduce “time-banded” collections in Barnet’s High Streets, meaning residents and businesses affected would only be able to be place waste and recycling out for collection at restricted times.

The council will also actively help residents and businesses to comply with the new regulations by raising awareness of the date and times refuse can be left out for collection and the importance of recycling the right materials.

Jamie Blake, Commissioning Director of Environment, said: “We know how important our local environment is to our residents, and these proposals will help maintain the high standards they expect of our high streets.

These regulations build on the existing work we have already been carrying out as part of the Keep Barnet Clean campaign including educating residents, enforcement action and investment in new mechanical street sweepers.”

The consultation is open to all Barnet residents, businesses and visitors until 14 June 2017. To find out more about the waste regulations and to give your views, visit