Information about Storm Eunice


Information and advice for Barnet residents regarding storm Eunice

Amber warning for wind

Amber warning for wind

The Met Office have now downgraded their weather warning to Amber and in line with that we are closing the incident and planning for and implementing recovery.

The following incidents were reported:

  • 1 incident of a collapsed building in a cul-de-sac. The home owner is elderly and has been evacuated by family. The site has been assessed by our structural engineer and cornered off. There is also a crushed car (due to falling debris from the building) at the incident which has also been cornered off and neighbours have been advised. Ward members will be notified as remedial action is taken at this site.
  • There have been 5 other cases of dangerous structures being reported, which building services are responding to.
  • A temporary roof stand at Saracens has partially collapsed. The front is still bolted in but the back caved in on itself. Staff are safe and Metro Golf closed early and went home.
  • There have been, so far, 40 incidents of fallen trees reported. Two of these has resulted in road closures: Hermitage lane and Hendon wood lane. These will remain closed until crews can remove the trees (please see recovery below).

The following recovery actions are being progressed:

  • Waste and recycling: Street Scene will undertake today’s refuse collection tomorrow (Saturday) and recycling collections on Sunday.  Garden waste collections scheduled for tomorrow will have to be deferred, but the team hope to commence collections on Sunday afternoon and will continue collections during the afternoons of week commencing 21 February.  Direct notification will be sent to all green waste customers who have provided e-mail addresses and information will be posted on the council’s website.  Customers are being advised to leave their bin available for collection whilst these services are caught up.
  • Fallen trees: there are 5 crews live in the borough tonight until 8pm with equipment to remove as many fallen trees as they can. Tomorrow morning 9 crews will be live supplemented with 3 grounds maintenance crews who will be trying to clear all the fallen trees.
  • While we prioritise roads and pavements, parks that are locked, will remain locked until a visual check can be made to ensure they are safe.
  • Hendon Cemetery is to remain closed until tomorrow but following a site inspection are expecting to resume as normal with planned funerals and cremations.
  • The expectation is that DHSC will agree to Covid testing sites being open from tomorrow and we are planning on this basis.

If any matters (such as fallen trees/branches) are brought to your attention out of hours by residents, which have not already been called into the council, these should be reported on 020 8359 2000.