KOOTH online counselling: Supporting young people’s mental health


We’ve partnered up with KOOTH, a digital counselling service for young people between ages 11 and 25, to help support young people, including those receiving GCSE and A-Level results over the next two weeks.

Young people’s lives have been severely impacted this year with school closures and the cancellation of exams which is why we want to ensure they have the mental health support they need while deciding on next steps for the 2020/2021 academic year. We want young people to know that it’s normal to experience feelings of stress and/or anxiety, and that talking about your feelings can help – which can be much easier to do with someone anonymous. The service is not only available to students receiving exam results, but to any young person aged 11 to 25, who would like to receive confidential support and advice. provides free, safe and anonymous online counselling available 12pm-10pm Monday to Friday and 6pm-10pm Saturday and Sunday. 

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Kooth online counselling service