New Public Space Protection Order for Barnet will make the borough safer


Community safety officers

Community safety officers

Following a public consultation in the autumn, a borough wide Public spaces protection orders (PSPO) for Barnet began on Monday  12 December and will be in force for three years. 

This order allows designated council and police officers to take swifter action against those engaging in anti-social behaviour activities, by issuing advice, fines, behavioural orders, and formal prosecutions as appropriate.

Cllr Sara Conway said: "We are pleased to be introducing the first public space protection order (PSPO) for the whole Borough of Barnet. This PSPO is part of a range of measures underlining this administration's commitment to making community safety a priority. It is designed to help keep our public spaces safer from the anti-social behaviours residents regularly contact our community safety officers about"

PSPOs are intended to deal with a nuisance or problem in an area that is detrimental to the local community’s qualify of life and a breach of one is a criminal offence and subject to a fixed penalty notice.

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