An update from Barnet Council on community safety issues arising from conflict in the Middle East


As we continue to mark Islamophobia Awareness Month, the council is responding to issues raised in an engagement session last month by members of Barnet’s Muslim communities about a lack of awareness of information around the safety of Muslim women and girls. 

As part of this discussion, it was suggested that we explore establishing pilot hate crime reporting centres in local mosques in light of some community concerns around the risk of underreporting of Islamophobic incidents.  

To share information and to discuss concerns, the council will be hosting an Online Listening Session: Muslim Women and Girls Safety in Public Spaces, which will take place on Wednesday 6 December 10-11am on Microsoft Teams. If you would like to attend then please contact:

The Police continue to provide a greater visible presence in sensitive locations, for example outside local mosques during Friday prayers. Similarly, the council’s Community Safety team have dedicated officers patrolling the streets every day, who will be an additional point of contact for members of Muslim communities to speak with if they feel uncomfortable speaking with the Police or other agencies. Community Safety officers will be also able to advise on the range of support services available.

The Police hold a weekly meeting with members of Barnet Muslim communities. If you would like to attend then please contact:

To live freely and safely in Barnet means working together and focusing on the things that unite us as people. As the council develops its partnership with Muslim communities, regular meetings will be held for representatives to share their views and concerns. The council will provide written updates agreed with community leaders about the issues discussed and the commitments made to tackle the problems that are identified.