CCTV traffic enforcement

We use CCTV cameras to enforce moving traffic contraventions (MTCs) and at school keep clear markings to enforce vehicles stopping outside schools in Barnet.

We do this to deter drivers from making dangerous moves or parking where children will be at risk.

With some of the busiest roads in London, Barnet is at risk of an increasing number of traffic accidents, congestion and air pollution. So we’ll be monitoring driving at up to 60 of our hottest road spots and schools in a push to improve safety, keep traffic moving, make the borough a better place to live and travel.

Bad driving we’re targeting includes:

  • parking on school keep clear (zigzag markings)
  • banned right, left or U-turns - ignoring ‘no entry’ signs
  • driving the wrong way down a one-way street
  • blocking yellow box junctions

If you get a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN), also known as a parking ticket or parking fine, you will be able to view any evidence captured, including any CCTV footage, with the PCN viewer.