Barnet enforcement locations

Since March 2016, we have issued penalties for the following examples of bad driving:

Stopping on school zigzags

These yellow road markings are in place to keep entrances clear and safe for children coming in and out of their schools.

Contravention type: Stopped in a restricted area outside a school.

Locations of enforced school zigzags in Barnet.

Making banned turns

There are places on Barnet’s roads where making a turn or U-turn is dangerous and can block the road for others.

Contravention types: Failing to comply with a sign indicating a prohibited turn (left, right or U-turn).

Locations of enforced banned turns in Barnet.

Failing to travel in the direction indicated

Contravention types: Failing to drive in the direction shown by the arrow on a blue sign (left, right)

Locations of enforced mandatory turns in Barnet

Failing to comply with a no entry restriction

Normally forming part of a one-way system, entry to certain streets, or parts of streets is prohibited from some directions.

In some locations, exceptions may apply for certain vehicles.

Contravention types: Failing to comply with a no entry restriction.

Locations of enforced no entries in Barnet

Route for use by buses and pedal cycles only

Bus gate sign

Using certain streets in Barnet as a cut through is dangerous, so we use width restrictions to reduce traffic speed in built-up areas while allowing buses to keep moving. These are known as bus gates.

Contravention type: Using a route restricted to certain vehicles.

Locations of enforced routes restricted to certain vehicles.

Goods vehicle weight restrictions

Residential roads in Barnet may not be suitable for large and heavy vehicles so we prohibit their use at all or certain times

Contravention type: Failing to comply with a prohibition on certain types of vehicle (goods vehicles exceeding max gross weight indicated).

Locations of enforced routes restricted to certain vehicles.

Blocking yellow box junctions

yellow box junction sign

Stopping in these important junction boxes causes gridlock and delays: we want to get Barnet moving smoothly.

Contravention type: entering and stopping in a box junction when prohibited.

Locations of enforced yellow box junctions in Barnet.

These driving rules come under relevant legislation.

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