Weed treatment

Weeds are treated between two and three times per year, in spring, summer and late autumn. This also depends on growing conditions.

The control of weeds on streets including around established trees is carried out by an external contractor on behalf of the council.

Reporting weeds

All roads will be treated throughout the year, but if you think there is a road that requires attention, please let us know. We may not action your report if the road is scheduled for an upcoming weed treatment programme.

If the area that needs treatment is on private land, it will be the responsibility of the landowner or managing agent to arrange. If the area is managed by Barnet Homes, please contact Barnet Homes.

Invasive species

The Council has a legal responsibility to control invasive plant species on its land such as Japanese Knotweed External link, Giant Hogweed External link and Himalayan Balsam External link.

The treatment of these species is targeted and must be completed on a cyclical basis in order to manage the spread.